The power of employer branding is gaining pace across multiple sectors as more employers realise the importance of highlighting their company culture and benefits in order to attract top talent.

In fact, 94% of candidates would consider an employer’s brand when applying for jobs.

We have recognised that it’s now not only about what you can do for us, but what we can offer you.

Recognising our employee’s individual talents and strengths is key to the overall performance of our business. 

Rob Price, joint managing director at Homes comments: “My co-managing director, Charlie Barr and I actively try to make sure each member of our team across all four Homes offices is in the right role.” 

Job satisfaction and being happy in our workplace are key to getting the best from our staff.  Our aim is to ensure they feel motivated, are incentivised, happy at Homes and stay with us! 

Whenever possible, we try to create a career path for our team members and as we expand and grow our agency, more exciting opportunities are and will continue to arise.

Above all, we’re both proud and grateful for the loyalty that Homes has attracted from its employees – recently celebrating a 10 year anniversary with a team member who joined as we started.

Continuity and commitment from our team not only make it a great place to work but makes clients want to use us and come back again and again.