7 Etiquette rules for viewing a property

Now that spring is officially here, property viewings are busier than ever. We’ve put together a few ‘house rules’ that are helpful to remember when looking around a property to buy or rent.

1. Be punctual
  • As agents, we often have a tight viewing schedule, especially on weekends and evenings.
  • First impressions are important if the vendor or tenant is at home when you view, so do try to be on time.
2. Follow the agent’s footsteps
  • If we take off our shoes, then do the same. If not, then it’s good to check whether you should remove your shoes or not.
3. Be respectful
  • Before you start opening cupboards and checking out storage space, do ask us/tenant if that’s okay.
4. Turn down the volume
  • During a viewing, it’s polite to put your mobile on silent or turn down the volume.
  • If the tenant or vendors are there during your viewing, keep the noise levels down (think museum or library!) as they may be working or studying at home.
5. Picture perfect
  • It’s courteous to ask us, or the seller/tenant if you can take photos or a short video before you decide to.
6. Ask the agent
  • Save most questions for us as the estate agent it’s our business to be well informed. Remember not to grill the seller and tenants, as they are doing you a favour letting you view in their own personal space and time, so do keep track of time.
7. No baggage
  • Ideally, leave bags, wet coats, umbrellas in the car, but if you’re on foot, then leave large bags, laptops, jackets and umbrellas at the front door to avoid making floors or carpets wet or marking walls as you view inside.