Get your Work Life balance in order

Have you started working from home over the last year and it looks like you’re never going back to the office? 

Do you sometimes lack the motivation, or find an easy distraction by staring out the window, talking to your dog or going to the fridge 10 times a day?

As every new buyer looks to start adding an office space to their search criteria, we thought we would look at the best ways to get the most from working from home to achieve that perfect work/life balance. Here’s our top 10.

  1. Keep up appearances – of course we don’t mean suit up every day.

  2. Establish your working hours each day/week/month – Work out what hours you are working to be most efficient.

  3. Video call quite often? – Make sure your set up is ready to go each day, so you don’t get stressed or flap at the time of meeting.

  4. Don’t work from bed – It’s a bad habit, and you will be far more efficient getting up and finding a workspace.

  5. Create a workspace – Sounds simple, but make sure you have somewhere you can shut away at the end of the day. An office to close the door, or a computer that you can put away. The dining table sounds good at first, but it won’t last.

  6. Don’t skip the commute – Try and make sure you are up and ready as you would be even if you don’t leave the house. Give yourself that much needed time to prepare for the day.

  7. Stay social – Don’t forget you still have colleagues, it’s good to keep in regular contact for a chat and a laugh to break up the day. Working from home doesn’t mean cutting off all contact with people in your workplace.

  8. Plan your day in advance – Know what you need to get done that day, and what is ready for the next day. An aim will keep you on course.

  9. Change your scenery and get exercise – Even if it’s a walk along the road and back, fresh air and a new scene will make a difference to how you work.

  10. Eat and drink well – It becomes easy to skip meals or snack or just grab things from the fridge but try to stick to meals and healthier choices.

Just remember a well-balanced work-life is possible, even if you work from home and make sure you take away and enjoy all the perks that come with it.