Energy Efficiency Chart

The South East ranked a close second to London for being the most energy efficient region, with 41% of homes achieving an Energy Performance Rating (EPC) between A and C.

Recent research by an online agent looking at properties with an EPC rating of A-C was undertaken to identify the most energy efficient regions across England and Wales.

There was less than a one per cent difference between London who topped the list at 41.8% of residents living in a home scoring A-C on the EPC scale and the South East achieving 41% for the most eco-friendly homeowners.

Climate change is of huge global importance and 85% of UK residents express concerns about the impact this is having on our daily lives and what steps we can take to improve our homes overall energy efficiency.

New build homes currently rank as some of the most eco-friendly and in England 84% have an EPC rating of A-B. Currently, the Government is looking at ways to make the EPC system even stricter in an effort to raise energy standards across the housing sector.

Ian Armstrong, director of sustainable architecture company, Arco2 comments: “EPCs are largely dependent upon the thermal performance of the fabric such as the type of insulation and window and door specification. Airtightness and thermal bridging will impact heat loss, the type of space heating and hot water appliances will also impact the energy performance rating.

“Renewables such as solar thermal collectors and solar panels both help to provide higher EPCs.” 

The latest research placed Yorkshire at the worst performer with a score of 33.6% for energy efficiency homes with an EPC score between A-C, with the North East, North West and Wales falling into the five least eco-friendly regions. The South West and East Anglia performed better with South West (39.4%), East Anglia (38.2%) respectively.