One of the ‘hot’ questions in the property sales market is whether the online/hybrid estate agents are really able to outperform a good High Street agent.

Needless to say that we, at Homes Estate Agents, believe we can present a very convincing argument for using High Street agents like us. However, we also fully respect that customers, if they want to, should check out all options available to them, including the online/hybrid agents.

We’re the first to accept that a successful sales result alone is not the only measurement. There are clearly other very compelling factors to consider to make a proper judgement, including ‘value for money’. So, here are some facts…

Firstly our local performance in the postcode territory of GU26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35.

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  • In the whole of 2018, Homes Estate Agents agreed sales on 351* properties, whilst, the highest selling online/hybrid agent – which was Purple Bricks – agreed sales on a total of 42* in the same period and postcodes.
  • In 2019 YTD to 22nd February, Homes has agreed sales on 49* properties in these same postcodes, against Purple Bricks with 7*

[*figures taken from Rightmove Intel – Feb 2019]

A report by Statistica published in January 2019 found that in 2018, High St agents accounted for 92.7% of UK residential transactions.

Further independent analysis from The Advisory – an independent consumer advice group – in a study of ‘Online vs High St Agents’ undertaken in 2018, concluded that:

  • High Street agents arrange 48% more viewings than online-only agents
  • High Street agents generate 64% more offers than online-only agents
  • High Street agents generated a 5% higher price in 73% of cases

Proactive High Street Agents get You More

To read the full analysis from The Advisory click the following link:

Another point worth remembering is that online agents ask for their fees upfront, whereas High St agents only get paid on success i.e. when then the transaction is completed . So the choice is yours … now all you have to do is choose your best High Street agent! Come and talk to us at Homes Estate Agents!