Homes Estate Agents kick-start the Forest School project at Treloar's

This week we were delighted to give Treloar School & College a sizeable donation generated from a promotional campaign held in our local offices throughout the summer and autumn period last year.

A number of charities in the locality, including Treloar’s, were involved in the initiative. We donated £250 to the total charity fund for each residential property newly launched to market between May and September – which then went on to successfully complete before the year-end.

The £5750 donation to Treloar’s from Homes, in the form of a huge cheque, was unveiled in a surprise presentation to Katherine Paddington, Primary School Teacher and some of her students. Katherine has been instrumental in spearheading a new ‘Forest School’ project which is to be created within the grounds of Treloar’s and provide students with a stimulating outdoor learning area, comprising a host of sensory educational experiences. They were delighted at how much had been raised, as it now provides an immediate kick-start to begin the project.

Treloar’s managed to capture this moment on video.

Lucie Sim Davis, Corporate Fundraiser at Treloar’s said “We are so grateful to Homes Estate Agents for this donation and hugely thankful to their customers as well for making this possible.  This has given our funding efforts for the ‘Forest School’ initiative a massive boost. When completed this year, it will be hugely beneficial for our School students, allowing them to spend more time learning outdoors and improving their overall health and wellbeing. There can’t be many better ways for our students to combat the challenging Covid-19 times than this!”

Finally, Rob Barr, Director of Homes Estate Agents was equally enthusiastic, “We love supporting Treloar’s wherever we can and our entire team is hugely motivated to help out. It’s almost impossible to do justice to the tremendous work done at the school but it really shines through when you meet the students and experience their obvious enthusiasm and pleasure at being here. We are so pleased to support their ‘Forest School’ project, as it’s going to be truly great extension to the learning resources at Treloar’s and let’s hope more funds can be raised to get it completed, as soon as possible.”