How to beat the Stamp Duty holiday deadline

As we continue in lockdown through January, pressure is increasing on agents and solicitors to push property transactions through before the 31st March when the current Stamp Duty Land Tax holiday is due to end, unless government decide to extend this.

Homes’ in-house sales progression team was created several years ago because founder and joint managing director, Rob Price recognised the need for property agents and the legal professionals to collaborate.

The benefit of having a dedicated sales progression team to focus solely on monitoring, communicating and managing each property chain is really tangible for all parties.  Our sales progression team’s work minimises the stress involved for buyers and sellers, builds confidence between all parties and speeds up the average time a transaction takes.

In most cases, the client, the agent and the solicitor have one goal in mind, a safe, stress-free, quick transaction. Pulling together will achieve all of these much easier than pulling each other apart.

If a problem arises, one of the team will know what to do in the best and quickest way possible, having discussed it with the client.  Communication is paramount and agreeing in advance on the best way of communicating and who will be responsible for chasing whom on all aspects of the property deal is essential.

Buying and selling a home can be an emotional rollercoaster.  Currently, with so many more obstacles to navigate due to Covid, we appreciate that clients want peace of mind.  We make sure that the line of communication is clear and open and a course of action is in place from the beginning, to ensure that as many of possible transactions are completed ahead of the March deadline.

With ID and AML checks, as well as other aspects of the process being part of the legal process, the initial on-boarding solicitor/client process can be time-consuming.

Homes’s number one tip we advise both our selling client and the prospective buyer to instruct their conveyancing solicitor before offer and acceptance, even before they have found the property they actually want to buy.