Need another reason to buy a new build?
Do we really need another reason, besides how new and shiny they are, and the fact that you are the first person to ever live in it? 
Owning a new build home could save you up to £1685 on average per year on Utility bills.
Research from the Home Builders Federation released in May 2024 shows huge savings can be made with the efficiency of a new home. The average new-build energy bill is 57% cheaper than for older properties. 
85% of new-build homes achieve an A or B Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating compared to less than 5% of older properties. 
An EPC rating is an assessment of how much energy your home uses per square metre and how much carbon dioxide it produces. 
It takes into account things like the roof, walls, insulation, windows, heating system, lighting and renewable energy solutions. A is the top mark, showing a home has best-in-class energy efficiency.
Don’t forget that with a beautiful brand new home, you’re more unlikely to have to spend out for repairs – at least in the first few years anyway. This is especially the case if it’s been built to the latest specifications, as most new homes are.
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*information taken from Zoopla article and research from the Home Builders Federation