In the first quarter of last year, almost 50,000 new homes were built, which was the highest figure in over two decades. Although this still falls short of the government’s target to construct 300,000 new homes per annum by 2025.

The fact that housebuilders up and down the country are committed to creating exciting new residential schemes, does mean that more buyers are finding more new build homes for sale when searching online or out house hunting. While it can be the case that buyers may find they have to pay a premium when purchasing a brand new property, there are many advantages to factor in when it comes to deciding between opting for a new or a second-hand home.

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Let’s take a look at the pros of buying a brand new home and how it can suit your lifestyle and give you more time to enjoy being at home.

1. Unpack and go

A new home is a blank canvas with fresh tiling, paintwork, kitchens and bathrooms. This means there should be very little, if anything, you need to do to it. You can simply unpack your belongings and start enjoying your new home.

2. A helping hand to buy

For many first-time buyers a new build home is the only way they can get onto the property ladder. That’s because schemes such as Help-to-Buy and Shared Ownership are only available on the purchase of a new home.

3. Incentives

Some developers will throw in extras in order to get a sale. This could mean extras such as paying your stamp duty, help with conveyancing fees, or covering the cost of carpets.

4. Smart homes

Top-spec new builds have all the latest technology. Many offer ‘smart home’ features and open-plan layouts. Some also have communal services such as a gym or concierge.

5. Design your home

Buy off-plan and you may be able have a say in the design. The builder may let you choose fittings and perhaps even modify the layout.

6. Eco-efficient homes

New build homes have to comply with the latest building regulations. This means they are far more energy efficient than older properties. Data from Energy Performance Certificates shows over 80% of new homes have the highest A or B ratings. That compares to just 2.2% of existing properties. With better EPC ratings, it opens up the option of green mortgages which can offer cheaper rates.

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