The Sales Process

We’re sure you’re probably quite familiar with the overall Sales Process, but hopefully this provides you with a good reminder of the key parts and how we at Homes Estate Agents will manage these aspects for you.

Initial Valuation

Once you’re thinking of selling your property, you’ll need an expert opinion on its likely value. With Homes you can do this in a number of ways. If all you want is a ball-park figure, then simply pop in to any one of our offices and, from your brief description, we’ll be able to help you with this. We’ll also be able to answer any other queries you may have at the same time. If you’d prefer an instant valuation from the comfort of your armchair, you can do this by using our online ‘Value Your Home’ link which appears on most pages of our website. Alternatively and by far the best way to really get an accurate valuation is to arrange for one of our local Homes valuers to visit you at your home. This full market appraisal is done on a no-obligation basis and it really is our pleasure to be able to help you! The visit should take no more than 30 to 45 mins, following which you will receive a written valuation, usually within one working day. It couldn’t be much easier!

Marketing Your Property

Following the market appraisal all you need to do is decide that you’d like to proceed to market your property for sale and let us do the rest. When you’re ready, we’ll pay you a second visit to measure up and take all the required photographs, so we can showcase your home in the best possible way. We then create the description and the other key details to attract interest from buyers and then your property is ‘ready for launch’.

Ensuring visibility of your property to the broadest pool of potential buyers is the obvious key to a successful sale. Interestingly though, this is not only achieved by just using the large property portals alone and, whilst we do use the main ones, less than two thirds of Homes’ buyers come to us this way. Most of our sales are actually generated through the rigorous use of our extensive buyer database and our close connections to the London market through RAN (Relocation Agent Network). RAN is very influential in generating buyer interest with 100 London offices and a further 600 nationwide. Homes Estate Agents are RAN’s preferred independent agent in our region, having been selected for our sales performance and high levels of customer service.

High quality property brochures, great photography, listings in the main property portals  and our own Homes website, coupled to virtual viewings, quality floor plans and EPC’s will all ensure that your property benefits from optimum marketing.

On top of this – we have longer opening hours than most agents, we’re happy to conduct out-of-hours viewings and we can arrange open houses where needed or adopt more discreet marketing tactics if you’d prefer. So, whatever property you wish to sell and whatever your requirements, Homes will go the extra mile for you to ensure your property stands out and realises the highest possible value.

Managing the Interest

Identifying and then looking after the potential buyers for your property is clearly one of the most important elements in the sales process.  All Homes offices have access to our centralised database which has up-to details of over 2000 individual applicants. This huge pool of potential buyers, all of whom have expressed a desire to us in looking for a property in our locality, means it’s highly likely to generate a number of people who could be interested in your property. Hence, that’s why we place so much emphasis on managing these relationships and then joining up the interest, previously expressed about certain properties, as they become available.

Additionally, there are the potential new buyers who contact us after having seen a particular property advertised and, of course, as well as being added to the database we will act on their specific interest immediately to arrange a viewing/s.

The Viewings

Clearly, we all hope that your property attracts plenty of interest from potential buyers and it’s our job to make sure that we optimise this interest and make sure that everything viewing counts. Firstly we will ascertain the status of anybody requesting a viewing on your property and this includes seeing some form of identification and also establishing where they may be ion the buying process i.e. when might they be in a position to buy? Only when we are satisfied that they are bona fide and genuinely interested, will we then arrange the viewing.

With very few exceptions, all viewings will be conducted by an experienced member of the local Homes office team who will be familiar with the property particulars and other associated details. We usually recommend that the owners are not present during viewings, as this allows potential buyers to feel more at ease. Viewings are pre-arranged for a specific time and, depending on the property, will usually take around 35 to 45 minutes.

Tying up the Sale

Once real interest is established with a buyer, the next stage is to negotiate/agree a mutually acceptable purchase price and the Homes team will handle this very sensitive part of the process for you. When we are happy that all aspects of a successful transaction are in place, we will change your property status to ‘sale agreed’ and, at that point, both parties will then instruct their chosen conveyancing solicitors. We maintain a panel of highly reputable and experienced local solicitors so, in the event that you do not have one at this point, we will very happily provide you with details.

Managing the Process through to Completion

Every sale must go through the legal conveyancing process of exchanging contracts and then on to a final completion before all parties can relax in the knowledge that it’s done! It’s in this area that attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of what’s happening with all parties is absolutely essential, particularly where chains of sellers and/or buyers are involved.

At Homes we are all committed to making this part of the process as pain-free as possible for our sellers and buyers, by taking away the strain of them having to deal with all the variables. That’s why we have a dedicated sales progression team, whose sole focus is on the conveyancing process and who liaise between all parties to the conclusion of the sale. So, as soon as a sales is agreed in principle, you’ll then be introduced to them and they take over from there.

This is a premium part of our service, provided entirely free of charge and which is not offered by many estate agents. If you are in any doubt about its value, then just check out the 100’s of the positive reviews we receive … and you find that most of them are particularly complimentary about this facility.