Homes help to launch the new Forest School

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise!

Treloars Forest School

The latest project at Treloar’s is creating real excitement amongst the students and tutors alike. A section of a presently, largely overgrown wooded area on the northeast of the campus has been earmarked as the site for the new Forest School. As the needs of Treloar’s students continue to increase, it’s really important to develop outdoor learning environments where they can safely enjoy connecting with nature.

Work on the Forest School project, which is being entirely sponsored by Homes Estate Agents, is due to start in October and will hopefully be finished by the end of the year. The plan is to create a wonderful world under the tree canopies which students can explore on pathways suitable for wheelchairs, with a host of fun destinations.

These will include a large ‘magical hideaway’, a ‘mud kitchen’, a ‘nature zone’ plus several ‘wild wild-flower and sensory plant’ areas. The nature zone will be crammed full of natural materials to create a habitat for all sorts of small creatures, where students can learn about ecosystems generally.

All around the Forest School will be information boards explaining how the natural world, under our very noses, works through the changing seasons.

When finished, the all-weather Forest School will become an integral part of Treloar’s diverse educational facilities, where its 170 severely disabled children and young people can further expand their knowledge of nature nature.

Treloar’s School is a truly wonderful place and they really do need as much help from as many supporters as possible.

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