Ways to stay warm this winter

By 3rd October every year, around 85 per cent of us in the UK have already turned on our central heating. Currently, the news is alerting us all to the steep rising costs of gas and electricity, which are likely to land us all with heftier bills this winter.

A recent survey from a luxury homeware firm of 1000 UK adults revealed that 85% had turned their heating on at the end of September. Although the north-south divide emerges with tough northerners withstanding lower temperatures than us delicate southerners.

In Scotland, people wait longer than the rest of Britain for the temperature to drop and they set their thermostat far lower than people living in the south.

On average, once the summer has ended and the outside temperature falls to 13.5 degrees Celsius, most Brits turn the heating on. In London, one in three people do it once the outdoor temperature reaches 14 degrees Celsius, but north of the border in Scotland, not until it reaches below 12 degrees, do Scots flick on the switch.

Seasonal tips that will do a bit for the planet and keep warmer in winter without reaching for the thermostat:


Sheepskin is nature’s own thermostat, this incredible bi-product helps regulate your body temperature when wearing it meaning you will never be too cold nor too hot. It works by allowing air to naturally circulate throughout the wool fibres. This applies to sheepskin items of clothing such as coats, boots and slippers, but also blankets, rugs and cushions.

Get the Kettle On

A hot drink is guaranteed to warm you from the inside out, and whether you’re from the north or the south, it’s always a good time to have a brew! Additionally, any leftover boiling water can be used to fill a hot water bottle for extra warmth and comfort.

Layer Up

Layering up is another cost-efficient way to keep warm and wearing your dressing gown and slippers, or casual loungewear, around your home will ensure you stay cosy whilst keeping energy bills down. 


If you’re feeling particularly cold, running the hoover around your home has been proven to increase your body temperature by getting your blood pumping around your body. 

Log chopping

If you prefer working out in the fresh air, then chopping logs or kindling can be an effective way of keeping warm and getting a cardio workout. You’ll be sure to discard the checked lumberjack shirt after splitting a few logs and working up a sweat.