Radiators should be turned on before a viewing

Comparethemarket.com looked at some scientific research conducted using eye tracking technology to investigate what really does catch the eye of UK homebuyers.

This sophisticated technology enabled selling agents to monitor the engagement during viewings to confirm whether the important USPs seen by a vendor and their agent are viewed in the same way by potential buyers, with an equal amount of attention.

Top five tips to pass the viewing inspection

1. Radiators & boiler. In winter, potential homebuyers put the position and number of radiators high on their priority lists and want to see a modern boiler working efficiently. Peace of mind comes if there is cost-effective and efficient heating throughout the house.

Top tip. If you have viewings booked, consider turning on your heating before they arrive; not only to ensure a warm, cosy environment but as a way of showcasing your radiators are fully functional.

2. Access to the garden. Not having easy access to a garden can be off-putting to buyers – especially after last year and lockdown restrictions. For this reason, a lot of people are now looking for homes with extra outdoor space.

Top tip. Make sure you tidy up the garden, clear leaves, sweep paths, plant a few bulbs and seasonal tubs. Make sure your garden is accessible and well-presented whether it’s a small patio or a large area.

Ensure your water pressure is correct and taps don't drip
Ensure your water pressure is correct and taps don't drip

3. Water pressure. Another thing that people do when viewing the kitchen is turning on the tap to check for any faults with your water pressure and/or plumbing.

Is your water pressure to normal standards – if in doubt, arrange for a plumber to come and inspect. Dripping tap? Be sure to get this fixed prior to viewings.

Top tip. The kitchen is an important room for homeowners, potential buyers are extra vigilant here, meaning it’s important to keep your tap free from limescale. For an extra shiny finish wipe down with baby oil.

4. Kitchen cupboards. Another thing viewers look out for when in the kitchen is the quality of the cupboards.

Replacing items in the kitchen usually comes with a hefty price tag, which can be a big factor for buyers.

Top tip. Make sure cupboard doors are screwed on tightly and wiped down clean. Check door and drawer handles are in place and secure; replace or refix loose duckboards.

5. Oven. Viewers tend to look at the oven to see if it is operational.

Top tip. Make sure it is clean inside. Do avoid cooking anything too smelly before the viewing takes place!Ensure the hobs and trays are as clean as possible too. It can be worthwhile having a specialist mobile oven cleaning company to come and do a professional job!