Buying with Homes

As exciting as it is, buying a home – whether for the first time or for experienced movers alike – is a demanding experience. The process should generally be relatively straightforward, but it does involve many different parts which must all come together to make it happen successfully for you.

There will undoubtedly always be obstacles along the way, some expected with others being complete surprises. So, key to minimising the stress and uncertainty is to have a good estate agent on your side. You shouldn’t try to manage the largest purchase of your life on your own, as you’ll need a lot of information at the right time, so you can make informed decisions.

At Homes, we really do understand the pressure you will be under and the importance to you and your family members of a good outcome. Naturally, we are working to help both the seller and the buyer to complete the transaction in the most efficient way and minimise the timeframe from agreeing the sale to that very special moment when you finally collect the keys and move in.

The best thing you can do, when looking for your ideal property, is to keep in regular touch with us. That way we can work closely together to find you the home you will ultimately choose to buy. When that’s done and the deal is agreed in principle with the seller, the Homes team really comes into its own to assist you with your purchase.

Sales Progression from Homes

There aren’t many agents in the country who have a dedicated, in-house Sales Progression team but at Homes we do. We recognised the benefit of this for our customers many years ago and it’s all included as part of our service, at no charge to you. Based across all our offices, this team are there to keep on top of every stage of the sales and buying process to keep all parties informed. As a buyer, you will be in direct contact with a dedicated team member whose role is to establish clear lines of communication with all relevant contacts, particularly conveyancing solicitors. They are highly experienced in dealing with all parties involved in the buying process, acting as the effective ‘go-between’. Imagine how useful this can be where inter-dependent chains of properties are involved – just having someone on your side, who has oversight of the whole chain, can make a huge difference and they are often able to spot and resolve potential issues long before they become a problem.

So, with this invaluable support available at Homes, our aim is to ensure that your purchase reaches exchange and then completion, with minimum stress to you and at a timescale to suit everyone.

Vital Information for Home Buyers

We hope the following information will help to clarify the many different parts of the buying process and keep the number of unforeseen surprises to a minimum!

The Key Elements of the Buying Process

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The Homes Sales Progression Service – for Buyers

If you’d like to know more about the journey up to the point where you exchange contracts and how the Homes Sales Progression team can really assist you through this click the button below.

HM Government Guidelines On Buying A Home

If you’d like to see the latest Government’s comprehensive 20x page guide ‘How to Buy’ a home in England & Wales click the button below.